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RedTeam Security
April 12, 2021

Redteam security launches
next-gen security solution

This new service helps organizations see firsthand what a real attack on their network would look like and see if they have the people and processes in place to defend against these threats. 

MINNEAPOLIS, April 12, 2021. RedTeam Security launched its new service today. Advanced Adversary Simulation (AAS) is an advanced offensive security solution that challenges an organization’s existing defenses against a simulated real-world attack.

An Underserved Audience

AAS was created in response to a lack of services in the market for organizations that were internally performing their testing and looking for something else to help confirm that their controls were correctly in place. As clients’ security programs have matured, RedTeam Security’s penetration testers recognized a need to provide more advanced security solutions to challenge an organization’s existing defenses against a simulated real-world attack. After hundreds of research hours and team-wide collaborative efforts, a new service offering was born to bridge this gap in security services; Advanced Adversary Simulation (AAS).

Testing Existing Defenses

AAS gives organizations the chance to see firsthand what an actual attack on their network would feel like and see if they have the people and processes in place to defend against these threats. These engagements can take two weeks to two months, similar to the average time an attacker would spend attempting to breach a network. During the engagement, we can work hand-in-hand with an organization’s blue team (defense team), or we can operate covertly and attempt to remain undetected to achieve our objectives. The Department of Homeland Security says ransomware attacks have been up 300% in the past year and rising. The value we offer our clients through Advanced Adversary Simulation is for them not to become the next headline in the rising insurgence of cyberattacks. Our AAS engagements provide the tools and tactics needed to defend against this kind of real-world attack.

“After an AAS engagement, the client will have a better understanding of their controls and how they worked. Even though these clients have mature security programs in place, AAS tests their defenses and allows them to become even more secure, without impacting the rest of the network.”
Brian Halbach, Security Consultant at RedTeam Security

About RedTeam Security

RedTeam Security has been leading the penetration testing industry with focused offensive security services since founded in 2008. From comprehensive manual network testing to social engineering engagements, our teams employ services designed to provide comprehensive and well-rounded testing that achieves our shared objectives. Additionally, RedTeam Security works closely with each client to identify the most significant risk, which will help set the goals for any objective. The results of an engagement with RedTeam Security provide the real-world and actionable results needed to help our clients better understand their risk and how best to utilize limited budgets to improve their overall security posture. For customized proposal, Click Here

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